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         Without Withdrawals!

                             Without Carvings or Stress!

                                      Without Weight Gain!


With Hypnosis You Can Stop Smoking Permanently. 
No Patch, No Gum,
No Need For Massive Willpower.


Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. If you are genuinely committed to giving it up, you can stop smoking permanently. You can stop smoking easily with the help of hypnosis.

With Choice For Hypnosis you will not fail, YOU WILL achieve excellent results rapidly and effectively. And YOU WILL remain smoke free the rest of your life.

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 174,000 people who smoke in New Hampshire (NH). Are you one of these statistics? I have helped hundreds of people quit smoking with hypnosis in NH.

You Taught Yourself The Smoking Habit

There is a part of you, your subconscious, that is stuck in the past when you wanted to smoke. It is controlling the smoking habit because you have programmed it that way, you taught yourself the smoking habit through repetition. Once the subconscious has learned a habit, it provides a “trigger” or “urge to continue.

Why Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking?

Studies have shown that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking for good. It is more effective than nicotine replacement and more effective than will power. It is cost-effective, safe, non-pharmacologic and noninvasive.

Best Hypnotist To Stop Smoking in New Hampshire

I use individualized hypnotic suggestions for your unique motivations and concerns. My hypnotism techniques and hypnotherapy will insure your success. It will increase your level of confidence, sense of control over the smoking habit and will reduce or completely remove withdrawal symptoms and cravings from nicotine.

My smoking cessation hypnosis session will be one of the most empowering and enjoyable experiences you have ever had. You will be free from the smell, expense, and inconvenience of being dependent on cigarette smoking!

I am not only a certified hypnotist but I am also certified through the American Lung Association as a facilitator for being Smoke Free for Life and was most referred hypnotist for smoking cessation.


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If you’re not sure yet about quitting or need a some extra support you might want to check out Quitza, an interactive support group for smokers that may help you.
If you are a long time smoker ( more than 30 years without ever quitting ) you may want to utilize some form of self-hypnosis and cognitive behavioral techniques in order to attain or sustain your desired outcome. 

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