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There are a number of factors associated with interpersonal difficulties but the two predominate types problem relationships I help clients with are, Codependence issues and or Love Addiction. And they do go hand in hand since love addicts are codependent but a codependent isn’t necessarily a love addict. But both involve trying hard to please others only to end up feeling let down, guilty and resentful.

While Love Addicts immerse themselves in romantic relationships only to find that their love and attention is not returned. Codependents can be occur in any type of relationship.

Common Traits of Codependency:

  • Being in relationships that are emotionally draining.
  • Feeling guilty when you say, ”no” to important others.
  • Continuously and compulsively working to get others to approve of you.
  • Feel that you give more than you receive.
  • Try to fix, rescue, or do things for the other people that they should do for themselves.
  • Do almost anything or tolerate almost anything to so as to not up set the person.

Common Traits of Love Addicts:

  • Tend to fall in love at sight.
  • Have extreme highs and lows in a relationship.
  • Fear being abandoned or rejected by significant others.
  • Spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy on the other relationship to the point of obsession and feeling anxious.

When we go over board trying to control everything and everyone around us it is usually due to the fear of rejection and fear of being abandoned. Our subconscious mind has learned to do whatever it can to protect us from feeling emotionally vulnerable. Unfortunately by using unhealthy learned behaviors of always trying to please others means we never learned how to love and take care of ourselves. “ To thine own self be true”, if you can’t be real with yourself you lose the ability to have healthy, mutually satisfying relationships. In essence we become false to True Self, which keeps us from feelings fully alive.

The more you’re able to understand these issues the better you’ll be able to grow and develop a healthier self and healthier relationships.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy can help you understand the underlying cause of your problem relationships. It can help you understand your own needs and how to fulfill them with confidence and rather than being dependent on others approval in order to feel loved. A Conscious Choice For Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s MindBody Solution can guide you towards a more meaningful life for yourself and your relationships because you will learn to love and respect yourself!

Do you feel that any of the following statements are true in your relationships with a significant other (parent, lover, friend or child)?

• Tend to feel more stressed or anxious around the “other” person?

• Feel you give more than you receive?

• Say, “ yes” when you want to say, “no”?

• Try to fix, rescue, or do things for the other person that they should do for themselves?

• Would you do almost anything or tolerate almost anything to hold onto a relationship?

• Do you fear being abandoned or rejected by significant others?

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