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Choice For Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s
Mind-Body Solution

Hypnosis is among the leading complementary-integrative therapies which is
a multidimensional energy-based view of the mind, body and spiritual connection

With A Choice For Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s Mind–Body Solution you absolutely can conquer, weight lossfears and the smoking habit. Hypnosis can eliminate phobias or improve sleep while putting life events in perspective. It can benefit many psychological and physical disorders including habit control such as nail biting and hair pulling. And can be constructive tool towards your recovery in abusing alcohol.

Enjoy positive changes in the way you think, feel and behave that will have a profound and permanent effect in your life.

Through hypnotherapy and non–hypnotic treatments, negative conditioning can be eliminated so and self-defeating habits and limitations will be transformed as you reach your goals and your full potential. Your hypnotic experience will lead to better problem solving abilities, increased self–confidence, greater self-esteem and improved health.

Ranked Best Hypnosis in New Hampshire

Tracey Tullis, M.Ed., Certified, Master Hypnotherapist, is the most recommended hypnosis practitioner in New Hampshire and ranked best hypnosis practice in NH, providing help for a wide range of concerns for well over 18 years. If you work with me you will find that I am a little different from other individuals in the field of hypnosis. My passion as a hypnotherapist is fueled by the enormous responsibility to ensure my clients are given a solid return for their time, money and trust.” Tracey Tullis


Regretfully, I do not utilize hypnosis for PTS or Sexual Abuse 


 Hypnosis can:
* lower stress
* release tension
* gain insight
* find new solutions
* enhance a sense of control
* develop healthy habits




Tracey Tullis, M.Ed.
Certified Hypnotherapist

10 Holbrook Road
Bedford, NH 03110
603 472 5455


When you choose Choice For Hypnosis, you will receive:

A FREE consultation on the phone or in person.
A FREE  recording on your flash drive to reinforce your session
A FREE guide to self-hypnosis.

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