Overcoming Negative Emotions With Hypnotherapy


Overcoming Negative Emotions

Emotions are energy in motion, “E + Motion”.  As humans, we tend to stuff, deny, avoid, or attempt to medicate away uncomfortable feelings. We can spend an awful lot of energy and time trying to suppress, rather than express them in a healthy manner. This usually leads to frustration and an unhealthy life. A Conscious Choice For Hypnosis can help you transform and release negative emotions.

UnknownAll emotions, positive or negative, such as anger, joy, surprise, etc., cause bodily changes: brain activation, cognitive appraisals and subjective feelings. Positive emotions can inspire, motivate and enhance our lives. Negative emotions can interfere by blocking our ability to reach our goals. They can also cause physical symptoms that flare up when certain events trigger them.

Suppressing the energy of negative emotions does not cause them to go away rather, they only sink deeper inside of us, where we hold on to them. Outwardly, it may seem as if the feeling has resolved itself. However, inwardly, (subconsciously) that negative energy stays. If you hold enough of these emotions inside, both your mind and body become energetically “toxic”.

A Conscious Choice For Hypnosis uses a category of hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques that powerfully influence thoughts and feelings. These techniques are valuable in working through problems such as: guilt, anger, shame, resentment, depression, fears, doubts and anxieties. They help facilitate self-exploration, self-insight, self-understanding, as well as symptomatic relief. A Conscious Choice for Hypnosis, through the use of hypnosis and mind body modalities, can decode the symptoms and release the buried thoughts and emotions at their source.

Hypnosis is a proven and useful tool in the process of healing past hurts-when it is used wisely, and in conjunction with what is emerging naturally from a person’s subconscious. It can become a means of increasing safety, promoting communication between and among parts of the self and accessing profound states of comfort.

Tracey Tullis, MEd., Certified Hypnotherapist