Are You Addicted To Food? Hypnosis To Change Compulsive Eating

NH Choice For Hypnosis Are You Addicted to Food? 
Are You Addicted To Food? Hypnosis To Change Compulsive Eating Patterns

Why We Overeat Part 1

Highly palatable foods, activate the brain. And for many once stimulated, doesn’t shut off. Now we becomes not only conditioned, to eat but driven. Certain stimuli is not only learned but now we  become motivated to seek it out. So the behavior becomes conditioned and driven. ( addictive for some) But why you may ask? Here are some of the reasons:

  •     Food was something we ate to fill us up Science now shows that much of the food that we’re eating is excessively activating the neurocircuitry of our brains. 
  •    Fat and sugar and salt are the three main culprits that stimulate your brain to make you eat more. While you think you’re just answering your hunger cues, in reality, your body is being over-stimulated to eat more than your body needs
  •     Highly palatable  foods have the capacity to stimulate the appetite and prompt us to eat more…it’s the  anticipation of that stimulation, rather than genuine hunger, that makes us put food into our mouths long after our caloric needs are satisfied.
  •     Complex combinations of fat, salt and sugar are engineered to be food hyper palatable, can defeat the body’s homeostatic system, causing one to continue eating long past the body’s need for food energy. 
  •   Causes us to swallow oversize portions and drives many of us to return for the same experience again and again.

Next week I will explain how hypnosis can help you.