Are You A Stress Eater, an Emotional Eater?

Are You A  Stress Eater, an Emotional Eater?

  • Eat even when you’re not hungry?
  • Craving certain foods and have trouble controlling the amounts of them you eat?
  • Always clean your plate, (overeat)?
  • Find yourself in the kitchen or at the snack machine when faced with a difficult task?
  • Eat when you’re stressed, lonely, angry, or tired?
  • Splurge on favorite foods when you’re alone?
  • Feel guilty or unworthy when you eat foods that you think you shouldn’t especially high caloric foods, such as fried items or dessert?

What Exactly Is Stress Eating?

Studies have shown that food does more than fill our stomachs , food also satisfies feelings and emotions. When you stifle those feelings, push them down with comfort food, when your stomach isn’t growling, that’s emotional eating.

It’s basically eating when we aren’t hungry and also not eating when we are hungry.


Many people’s emotions are so closely tied to their eating habits that they unconsciously go to reach for their favorite foods whenever they are upset without stopping to think, without noticing what it is they are doing.

The reason hypnosis can help you get control of stress eating is because it works with those unconscious habits and stressors that causes them in the first place.

Tracey Tullis, M.Ed., Certified, Hypnotherapist