Child Bedwetting


Hypnosis Treats Nighttime Bedwetting in Children


Child must be 8 and over and must have permission from a physician
before making an appointment to rule out any medical disorder that may be causing the problem.

You are not alone, bedwetting is an issue faced by many families every night.

According to The National Sleep Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of
Boston “between five and seven million children in the United States wet their beds on a regular basis, which accounts for 10% of the United States population of children”.

Hypnosis can help both you and your family because it is able to re-program the brain so your child will be able to wake up when their bladder is full and proceed to the toilet.

The medical term for bedwetting is called Enuresis. The most common form of which is nocturnal enuresis, which refers to the involuntary urination at night in children over 5. (Bedwetting before 6 or 7 is considered normal)

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis strategies are effective for bedwetting as children are generally very hypnotizable. Hypnosis builds self-esteem, confidence and optimism as the child learns to take control of the problem.

Before making an appointment it is important that a careful evaluation with a medical practitioner always be conducted to rule out any organic problem.

Whether you decide to make an appointment with Choice For Hypnosis, it is always helpful to follow these simple guidelines:

Limit drinks after dinner but be sure child drinks plenty liquids during the day.
Limit sodas or drinks containing caffeine, because they stimulate the bladder.
Limit sugary foods, this may also stimulate the bladder.
Protect the bed from wetness but not the child as the body has to distinguish between wet and dry.
Talk of more dry beds not wet beds, give extra positive attention to the child when the bed is dry
Never ever blame or punish the child if they wet the bed!
Do not to make an issue of it, the child will be upset enough about it even if he doesn’t show it.