Choice For Hypnosis Weight Management Solution


Choice For Hypnosis Weight Management Solution

Choice For Hypnosis 
Weight Management Solution

Choice For Hypnosis, weight management program is not based on grandiose claims and wishful thinking. It is based on medical studies suggesting that hypnosis is effective in helping people reduce their weight

It is a solution oriented approach that utilizes hypnosis to change negative eating behaviors and thoughts related to poor food eating habits while increasing coping skills and motivation.

Choice For Hypnosis solution for weight control is designed and influenced by attending seminars, classes and conferences on weight management and through working with and consulting numerous colleagues and registered dietitians who specialized in the development of health and nutrition programs. With over 20 years of experience as a hypnotherapist I have combined both my knowledge of hypnosis and weight management for a customized, effective approach for weight control for my clients.


Tracey Letitia Tullis, M.Ed.
Certified Hypnotherapist,