Hypnosis for Children and Teenager

Kids and Teens benefit from hypnosis

Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

            The aim of hypnotherapy is to:
Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem
Discard negative thoughts and unhelpful negative beliefs
Empower and enhance skills

Nocturnal Enuresis, “Bed Wetting”
Tics and Habits
Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Learning and Exams
Coping with Being Bullied
Sleeping Difficulties

Hypnosis is a gentle dream like state, which resembles various meditative states of mind. When in this state a person can tap into their own creative resources to discover solutions for problems while being open to positive suggestions for positive change. Both adults and children enter this state of mind spontaneously throughout the day. In fact, daydreaming is a form of hypnosis. When daydreaming, you’re honing in your critical and creative thinking. Hypnosis is the deliberate use of this natural state.

When distressed both children and adults find ways of coping often in maladaptive ways that hinder confidence and progress towards a happier life. But there is also a part of the mind that can find more constructive solutions to problems. It is this part of the mind that is brought to the forefront in hypnosis.

Because children have a superior ability to engage in their imagination they can quickly and easily enter a hypnotic state. Through the use of their own imagination, children move into hypnosis without resistance or distraction.

As parents, you know this to be true. How many times do you have to call before you get your child attention when they are engaged in watching the TV or paying a game? They’re not purposely ignoring you, they are in a trance state!

Children are also adaptable and flexible when it comes to making behavioral changes because they are quick learners.

As a hypnotherapist I act as a guide, a teacher, the facilitator who enhances a child’s self-control over their own mind and body while developing their full potential.


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