Hypnosis for Stress Eating


Hypnosis for Stress Overeating.

Compulsive Eating and  Emotional Eating Are Conditions ruled by habitual set of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Are You An Emotional Eater?
  • Eat even when you’re not hungry?
  • Craving certain foods and have trouble controlling the amounts of them you eat?
  • Always clean your plate?
  • Find yourself in the kitchen or at the snack machine when faced with a difficult task?
  • Eat when you’re stressed, lonely, angry, or tired?
  • Splurge on favorite foods when you’re alone?

Feel guilty or unworthy when you eat foods that you think you shouldn’t especially high caloric foods, such as fried items or dessert?
New associations can be established and old self limiting beliefs, behaviors, thoughts and feelings can be reframed using hypnotherapy. Hypnosis at A Conscious Choice enhances the process of developing a more positive self image and balances appraisal of daily life situations.
In one session weight loss individuals can learn self-hypnosis. This way your weight loss goals will be  totally effective and long term. Self-hypnosis is taught to help individuals to relax and experience some safety and self-control in life. It also helps to enhance self-esteem and self efficacy. Self-hypnosis eliminates overeating because it puts you back in control of your weight management.


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