Hypnosis Wins Smokers Battle of the Two Minds

Right left brain Hypnosis has sides agree


Everyone knows that smoking is bad and it would be a healthier thing to stop. A smoker may feel the need to stop but until he gets both sides of his mind to agree nothing will happen.

Lots of us know reason of why we shouldn’t smoke and do it anyway. This is because there is a conflict between your conscious mind, your logical mind and your subconscious mind, the feeling mind. Until you reach the inner mind, the subconscious, and change the programing there you will continue to fight yourself. Willpower is temporary, not a permanent solution. It holds out only as long as your strength does. The moment you are sick and tired or tired and sick, you go right back to automatic pilot. And remember, automatic pilot is the part of the mind that has learned to smoke. That’s right, that is your subconscious mind.

The endless battle of the two minds can change with hypnosis because it can change easily and naturally by directly changing that part of your mind so you can become smoke free. Think if it this way: You always succeed according to the dictates of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has successfully kept you a smoker all these years, always made sure you had your supply. It will just as successfully help you become a non-smoker once it gets the message. Hypnosis at A Conscious Choice For Hypnosis will deliver that message for you and you will be smoke free the rest of your life.

Tracey Tullis, MEd., Certified Hypnotherapist