Hypnosis for Weight Loss, the Mind-Body Solution

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss, the Mind-Body Solution

Your mind and body are in constant communication with one another and influence one another. In fact every thought you have causes neurochemical changes in your body. The part of the mind that controls all the functions of your body is the subconscious mind. Using hypnosis as the gateway to your subconscious allows you to remove obstacles to weight loss.

The mind and body are so well-connected that the body often does not know whether something is real or imagined. So when your mind creates an image your central nervous system and whole body will process the image as if it were real. This is obvious when you are immersed in watching a good TV program or movie. Sad movies can make you cry and thrillers can increase your heart hate.

Ever watch the cooking channel and start to drool a little, or get hungry while watching even though you already ate? This is because the program is giving a suggestion to your mind and your subconscious treats the experience as real, than your body responds as if it were real! This is what happens in hypnosis but the suggestions given are about responding to true hunger signals and ignoring the old, outdated suggestions that influenced negative eating thoughts and behaviors. I tell my clients that I am not going to hypnotize them rather I am going to de-hypnotize them, meaning I am going to help them change old patterns and replace them with more desirable ones.

You give yourself suggestions about food, weight and hunger every day. And because your subconscious is goal driven but cannot reason it will give you what you ask for. For example: “Everything I eat turns to fat.” ” I just can’t lose weight.” ” I look at food and gain weight.” “That cake looks so delicious, I wish I could have some.”  When you make statements like this you are programming your mind and body to give it exactly what you suggested to it. The subconscious literally hears your words and does everything in its power to make it happen.

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