Hypnosis is the Gateway to the Mind-Body Connection

Hypnosis, The Gateway To The Mind-Body Connection   

Hypnosis is simply a very deep state of mental relaxation. You  remain in complete control of your body and mind, and are fully
aware of what is being said during this state. You are more in touch with your feeling mind and imagination during this time.

Hypnosis, The Mind-Body Connection
Hypnosis is a safe, intensely focused state of awareness where consciousness, perception, and suggestibility are heightened and your feeling, subconscious comes increasingly absorbed in the positive, beneficial suggestions.

The subconscious mind regulates the autonomic nervous system and controls every organ and gland in the body. Hypnosis accesses the subconscious by utilizing guided imagery, which allows the mind to influence the body. Current studies using brain scans has verified that stimulating the brain with imagery can have a direct affect in the nervous and endocrine systems and can ultimately affect the immune system. That is why it is effective for pain control and anxiety and can increase the rate of healing.

Some researchers speculate that hypnosis alters levels of chemicals that influence the nervous system, hormone production, and the immune stem. Hypnosis may even affect how particular genes in cells express themselves, turning certain functions on and others off.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can expand a person’s awareness and ultimately, reprograms his or her habits from negative to positive. In more therapeutic settings, hypnosis can be used to understand underlying motivations or to identify past events or experiences that may be connected to current problems and to help the individual make ongoing successful changes.
One major benefit of hypnosis is that it can provide results in a relatively short period of time and it is highly effective for a number of problems.

 Choice For Hypnosis demystifies the practice of hypnosis and explains the mechanisms behind hypnotherapy, the gateway to the mind-body connection. As a hypnotherapist and mind-body practitioner Tracey acts as a guide towards helping individuals make personal changes.