Hypnosis Remarkable Tool

Hypnosis Used By Doctors, Dentists, Hypnotherapists

Once rarely used, today hypnosis is a remarkable and versatile tool used by doctors and dentists during procedures or by hypnotherapists to treat over eating, overcome certain fears or to help people to stop smoking and so much more.

My Father Used Hypnosis In His Dental Practice

Over 50 years ago my father was an oral  surgeon used hypnosis to abstract peoples teeth. He typically would distract the patient with some small talk, have them imagine themselves in an activity that they enjoyed. I recall one particular gentleman who  loved baseball so, my father guided him into seeing himself play baseball, to feel the warmth of the sun and the smell of a well oiled mitt and then my father would slowly began to say a series of words that would induce, deep relaxation after which he began to countdown from 100. 

When the gentleman opened his eyes, the dental procedure was done. When he got out of the dental chair, the man’s tooth ache was gone and he felt extremely relaxed and was in a wonderful mood. It turns out my father was several decades ahead of his time by utilizing hypnosis for dental procedures. 

Outdated View of Hypnosis

 The image some people have of hypnosis was derived from old stage shows where the hypnotist would gently swing a pocket watch, and use some simple, softly spoken suggestions such as, “You are getting sleepy very sleepy,“ and then he takes control of his subjects, and makes him cluck like a chicken. There were also old movies where a person would be hypnotizes to do things that were out of his control. 

We Go In And Out Of Hypnosis Everyday

In a very old Woody Allen movie, “The Course of the Dead Scorpion,” the hypnotized person was made to commit murder. In truth the hypnotized person never gives up control to another person, or does something against his or her intrinsic nature. In fact, there is nothing magical about hypnosis. Hypnosis is just a more intense version of a state we go into all the time, whether daydreaming, or absorbed in reading a good book or watching a good movie. Hypnosis is about slowing down, way down, and focusing your attention. 

The scientific theory of hypnosis is as remarkable as it is simple. When in a deeply relaxed state, the unconscious parts of the brain that controls old outdated habits is also the part that controls our breathing and maintains our heart beat, becomes more open to suggestions than our conscious mind. Ordinarily it’s quite difficult to tell the autonomic nervous system what to do but when one is in a hypnotized state, our vast neural net works can be persuaded to relax and the mind can learn to modify or stop old behaviors that no longer serve us and so much more.

Nearly Everyone Can Be Hypnotized

For a long time, it was also believed that many people couldn’t be hypnotized. In truth, approximately 9 out of 10 people can be hypnotized! 

I specialize in weight loss, overcoming fears and phobias, nail bitting or pulling hair and smoking cessation. There are a few other areas that I also treat.

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