Hypnotherapy For a Good Nights Sleep

Insomnia is not uncommon; it is a major problem for many people in the United States. It can last last a much, much longer time. Choice For Hypnosis uses hypnosis relaxation therapy to improve sleep. through absorption, mental and physical relaxation, and hypnotic suggestions ultimately improving sleep.

How can you control insomnia?

Not very well since insomnia is an involuntary response, which means your conscious mind has no control over it. You can’t force yourself to sleep. In fact the more you try to go to sleep the harder it becomes. It’s like asking someone not to think of a pink elephant; it’s the first thing you think of.

If you’re not getting enough sleep it can have a tremendous effect on your day to day functioning such as:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Irritability
  • Poor memory
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Increased cravings for carbohydrates

What’s Wrong with Medication for Sleep?

  • Sleep aids use can build up a tolerance
  • If you develop a dependence on them you won’t be able to sleep without them
  • They can interfere with other medications
  • They can mask a medical condition that needs attention
  • Medications won’t fix the problem that is causing the sleeplessness
  • You can develop awful withdrawal symptoms or rebound insomnia when you want to quit

Hypnosis is the Effective way to Cure Sleeplessness

The most effective way to cure insomnia completely is to resolve what’s causing it whether it is due to poor sleep hygiene, anxiety or an over active mind. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to relax both the mind and the body, it can re-educate unhealthy sleeping habits, it can eliminate negative thinking styles and allowing the mind to enter a state of peace, calmness and tranquility so you will drift off easily to sleep.

Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy

Choice For Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s Mind Body Solution uses hypnosis relaxation therapy to improve sleep. through absorption, mental and physical relaxation, and hypnotic suggestions. But it is also important to know if you have primary insomnia or secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is due to learned behaviors centering around sleep, poor sleep habits and unnecessary worry. Secondary insomnia can be caused by depression, medications, PTSD and pain. These are different issues then Primary insomnia.

What’s On Your Mind?

Your sleeplessness could be due to an old unresolved problem stored away in your subconscious mind, a minor problem  that  may have taken years to have take hold of us. Sometimes what starts out as a minor irritation gets worse over time, like a bit of grit in your eye, once you find it, you’ll be amazed to find that something so small could have caused so much trouble. Hypnosis can resolve whatever is stored away in your subconscious mind so you don’t  have to continue to suffer.

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