Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

To control weight with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

At one time, it was believed that the mind and body were separate from each other. But, the mind and body are not too distinct separate entities,  they are connected. What are the most important features of the mind-body connection is that they are in constant communication, each influencing the other. You can think of it as your mind and body are always speaking to each other.

Every thought and idea in your mind has an effect on your body and every sensation in your body has an affect on your mind. Choice for Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s Mind-Body Solution is about how your mind can influence your body for the better to help you achieve a healthy weight and healthy choices. What is most important to understand is that thoughts are things. You can’t see them, but you know you have them.

You may not feel every thought, but, if you were attached to biofeedback machine, you would see the instant changes in your body created by your thoughts positive or negative.

In the past when you looked at food, you may have told your body that you wanted it whether you were hungry or not, whether it was good for your body or not, this thought then caused you to make poor food choices. I call this negative hypnosis. Using Choice For Hypnosis allows you to change your mind in just one session, so you can begin to change your body.