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Say This When You Crave A Cigarette…

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / January 5, 2023

How you think of something makes all the difference. Here’s what to say to yourself when a cigarette craving comes on. OR, Make It Easier. Just Call Choice For Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s Mind-Body Solution And Stop Smoking Without Cravings. 603-472-5455

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Your Mind Creates What You Eat

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / December 28, 2022

The mind and body are so well connected that the body often does not know whether something is real or imagined. So when your mind creates an image your central nervous system and whole body will process the image as if it were real. This…

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Thoughts and Behaviors Become Habitual

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / December 22, 2022

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” This is a quote from the famous Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, Carl Jung. I can interpret this to mean when we start to examine our lives we will…

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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / December 10, 2022

Food companies are notorious for adding fats, sugars, salt and chemicals to enhance the brain’s pleasure circuits which causes you to eat more-and gain weight.  The reward system in our brain encourages us to seek out pleasurable things. Our prehistoric ancestors put more effort into…

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Change Eating Habits Control Your Cravings

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / September 16, 2022

•Some people report decreased cravings and less drive to overeat when they change their diet in the following ways.  Research Study by Louisiana State University showed that adults aged 25 – 60 who ate 2 eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel for 2 months lost 65%…

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Hypnosis for Insomnia

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / September 4, 2022

Do you have trouble with falling asleep or staying sleep? Now you can sleep like a baby. You don’t have to continue suffering. Choice For Hypnosis can help you unwind, relax and get the quality sleep you need. How can you control insomnia? Not very…

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What is the Cost To Quit Smoking?

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / March 20, 2022

I have been asked what the cost of hypnosis is for quitting smoking hundreds upon hundreds of times but, before I answer that question please read on so I can explain the total cost. Tobacco Smoke Is Poison Smoking is the “largest presentable cause of…

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Can Hypnosis Remove My Fear or Phobia?

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / March 7, 2022
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I have created this blog to explain how hypnosis, hypnotherapy can be an effective solution towards eliminating fears and phobias, but first let’s examine what phobias are. What Are Phobias? Phobias are intense, irrational and involuntary fears of common places, objects, or situations, the “cause” is…

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Join the millions who have stopped smoking!

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / June 20, 2021

Join the millions who have stopped smoking! It’s easier to quit now than ever before because there are not only fewer public places you can smoke in but you have Hypnosis to help you. Until then:Getting ready to quit. Decide when you will stop and…

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Stop Smoking Fast, Simple, Effective, Safe With Hypnosis

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / April 25, 2021

STOP SMOKING WITH HYPNOSIS FAST, SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, SAFE Just 20 minutes after you stop smoking you’ll notice… Blood pressure decreases. Pulse drops to normal. About 8 to 12 hours after stopping: Nicotine levels in blood reduced by half. Oxygen in your blood increases.  Benefits after 24 hours… Cilia…

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