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Tracey Letitia Tullis, M.Ed

Certified Hypnotherapist of Choice For Hypnosis

Stress Eating

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / June 15, 2020

Stress Eating As a health educator / hypnotherapist and lifestyle coach, my purpose is to promote awareness, education, and treatment of stress driven  overeating. I take a comprehensive, holistic approach towards assisting individuals toward changing stress overeating patterns. My goal is utilize my educational training,…

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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / December 16, 2019

Every thought and idea in your mind has an effect on your body and every sensation in your body has an affect on your mind. Choice for Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s Mind-Body Solution is about how your mind can influence your body for the better to help you…

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Hypnosis, the Mindset for Weight Loss

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / October 20, 2019

HYPNOSIS AND THE MINDSET FOR WEIGHT LOSS The mind and body are so well connected that the body often does not know whether something is real or imagined. So when your mind creates an image, your central nervous system and whole body will process that…

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Hypnosis Changes Eating Habits

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / July 30, 2019

Hypnosis Changes Eating Habits Do you want to gain weight? Go on a diet. Going on a diet means you will eventually go off the diet. Studies show that going off a diet is one of the most rapid ways to gain weight. If dieting…

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Hypnosis is the Gateway to the Mind-Body Connection

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / June 25, 2019

Hypnosis, The Gateway To The Mind-Body Connection    Hypnosis is simply a very deep state of mental relaxation. You  remain in complete control of your body and mind, and are fully aware of what is being said during this state. You are more in touch…

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Choice For Hypnosis Weight Management Solution

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / March 24, 2019

  Choice For Hypnosis Weight Management Solution Choice For Hypnosis, weight management program is not based on grandiose claims and wishful thinking. It is based on medical studies suggesting that hypnosis is effective in helping people reduce their weight It is a solution oriented approach that…

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Hypnosis Will Have Your Food Cravings Fading Away!

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / February 16, 2019

Hypnosis Will Have Your Food Cravings Fading Away! Close your eyes. Imagine your food cravings floating away. Imagine a day of eating only what’s good for you. Imagine hypnosis actually helping you lose weight—because the news is: It does. Harvard Medical School psychotherapist Jean Fain…

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Hypnosis, lose weight, gain control

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / January 8, 2019

HYPNOSIS, LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN CONTROL Do you have a problem with overeating? Your problem is probably not it your metabolic rate, it may not be your genetics, your overeating is most likely, in your mind, your subconscious mind. You may have lost weight in the…

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By Tracey Letitia Tullis / December 10, 2018

Though research is scarce, what is shown is that  hypnosis works surprisingly well for weight control. Studies have shown that folks that used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without the hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has also been shown to help regulate…

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Diets Don’t Work, Hypnosis Does!

By Tracey Letitia Tullis / November 25, 2018

Diets Don’t Work, Hypnosis Does! Dieting leads to higher and higher weight gains.ž“When weight is lost, the fat cells shrink, but when weight is regained, fat cells multiply. These “fattening” effects of weight loss are referred to as “overcompensation” that may mean the intention and…

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