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Choice For Hypnosis, New Hampshire’s Mind-Body Solution, hypnosis for weight loss deals with habit control, overeating, cravings, stress moods, and motivation for effective and permanent weight loss. Choice For Hypnosis takes an integrative and holistic approach towards weight management so you can lose weight honestly by eliminating self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and habits that fuel your food abuse behaviors.

At Choice For Hypnosis Weight Loss is customized for you! It is centered on your particular problem, whether you want to lose only 10 pounds or 20 pounds or more. Take home recordings to recondition and reinforce healthier eating patterns. If you’re ready to make personal changes that will improve your life and insure long-term success, I will be looking forward to helping you.

Do You Have A Difficult Time Controlling or Managing Your Weight? Do You…

  • Eat even when you’re not hungry?
  • Crave certain foods?
  • Have trouble controlling the amount you eat?
  • Always clean your plate?
  • Eat when you’re stressed, lonely, angry, or tired?

With Choice For Hypnosis Weight Control Sessions:

You Will Be Able To Avoid Sweets
You Will Recieve Free Recordings To Help Condition Your New Eating Patterns
You Will Eat To Live Rather Then Live to Eat
You Will Make The Right Food Choices
You Will Be More Relaxed And Less Stressed And Gain More Control

Foods and Moods

Your brain also learns your eating pattern! For many people stress is the biggest triggers of food carvings and overeating. Individuals who eat due to stress have unconsciously trained themselves to reach for food when they are upset. They may feel better for a little while because powerful mood altering chemicals have been released in the brain. But satisfaction is short-lived.

Did You Learn Food Abuse Behaviors?

Some individuals have been conditioned to overeat due to triggers of rewards or punishments learned as a child. For instance:

  • Were you rewarded with a special dinner at a restaurant when you did something good?
  • Did you have to finish everything on your plate before you got dessert?
  • When you were a young child and hurt yourself did your mother often try to distract you with something sweet?

The Mind–Body Connection and Hypnosis

Your mind and body are always speaking to one another, every thought you have, has an effect on your body. Hypnotic suggestions influences your mind to influence your body for the better by reframing your past negative beliefs, behaviors, triggers and feeling about food. So when it comes to eating so you can achieve your natural healthy, ideal weight.

During a weight loss session Choice For Hypnosis will have you develop a new, positive relationships with food and exercise. Because of my hypnotic techniques your subconscious mind will be receptive to absorbing new positive suggestions so you will find yourself naturally modifying your eating behaviors without all the struggle and frustration usually involved in breaking bad habits.

Even If You Have Tried Hypnosis Before 

Often when you’re overweight, there is a conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind says, “I know I want to lose weight, however, the subconscious mind tosses up roadblocks such as Stress Eating.

Hypnotherapy at Choice for Hypnosis can help get the two parts of the mind together so inner conflicts can be eradicated so you will eat better, eat less and not give junk foods a second thought. And because hypnosis in and of it self is so relaxing it naturally will lower your stress levels!

Why Choose Choice For Hypnosis Weight Loss? Because it.....

  • Interrupts Negative Eating Habit Patterns
  • Reinforces Healthy Food Choices and Behaviors.
  • Changes Negative Food Thoughts and Behaviors to Increase Impulse Control.
  • Increases Motivation and Desire.
  • Enhances Self-esteem, Self-Efficacy, and Confidence.

Weight Loss and You

After graduate school, I continued my studies and received graduate certification in eating disorders but because of my hypnosis practice I concentrated on the issues of the average over-eater, to better understand the underlying causes of weight gain for them and better help them with hypnotic and or non-hypnotic therapy. I want my clients to make a conscious choice rather than waste their time and money on hype and gimmicks.

With this knowledge I developed a program for the Elliot Hospital, Manchester, New Hampshire for problem eaters. As a result of the success of that workshop I have incorporated these reliable methods in my hypnosis weight loss practice.

Now my clients see actual weight reduction in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price, resulting in improvement of their mental, physical and emotional health.

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