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A Conscious Choice for Hypnosis - Tracey Tullis - Bedford NH

Tracey Letitia Tullis, M.Ed

Certified Hypnotherapist of Choice For Hypnosis

New Hampshire’s Mind-Body Solution is a caring professional, who began her training in hypnosis in 1970 while working for her father, an oral surgeon who extracted teeth, painlessly and naturally with hypnosis.

Tracey has been practicing hypnosis and holistic therapy for well over 30 years in Bedford, New Hampshire.

What sets Tracey apart from other hypnotherapists is her high level of experience, caring dedication towards a person’s well being and her deeper understanding of hypnosis as the gateway to the mind-body connection. You can comfortably rely on Tracey’s high standards of professionalism, confidentiality and excellence of quality in service with results that last.

As a professional hypnotherapist and health educator she draws upon her rich source of experience and education which allows her to take a comprehensive, holistic approach assisting individuals towards reaching their goals and maximizing their full potential. She has developed, coordinated, and taught programs at various hospitals, universities and corporations. For many years she offered in-house and public workshops at the Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH and continues to facilitate health and wellness programs for educational institutions, community health organizations and corporations throughout the New Hampshire area.

Education and training include:

  • Masters Degree in Health Education
  • Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH
    Graduate Certification, Eating Disorders Institute
  • Personal Approaches to Transformation and Healing (PATH)
  • Degree in Behavioral Science College for
  • Lifelong Learning University System of New Hampshire Manchester, NH magna cum laude
  • Certification National Guild of Hypnotherapy

Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education, Boston, MA.

  • Certification in Introductory Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Psychological Aspects of Medical Care and the Applications of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Master Workshop in Hypnotherapy,
  • Exploratory Techniques & Conflict Resolution

I work towards helping others transform self-defeating beliefs, and limitations with gentle enthusiasm and humility knowing that we are all a work in progress.

My spiritual journey in life has been to reclaim and trust my inner voice. This inner voice shows itself during meditative states of self-hypnosis, in dreams and synchronistic events. It has helped me to become conscious and thus aware of my responsibility to be true to myself, which means to respect and accept myself with all my imperfections and human fragilities. This insight brought a type of healthy self-love and has grown outward touching, changing and having compassion for all those I have been fortunate to see in my practice.

– Tracey Tullis

<br>Be compassionate to others. ...
<br>Give yourself permission to be imperfect. …
<br>Remember that you're not alone. ...
Be compassionate to others. ...
Give yourself permission to be imperfect. …
Remember that you're not alone. ...