Stop Smoking Thoughts


Research Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Irrational Negative Thinking
How you think of something
makes all the difference.

Have at least four or five ready to use thoughts when the craving hits whether, it’s this week or five years from now at a moment of high stress. Write on a card and keep it in your wallet. 
  • Why should I double my problems by smoking?
  • I bet this urge is gone in a few moments. I can hold out that long.
  • If I give into this urge  i’ll be right back where I started with a full-blown addiction again.
  • One cigarette leads to 1 million.
  • Its stupid to think that smoking can be of any help with this.
  • Smoking isn’t going to bring him/her back, help him/her get well, find me a new job/home/lover.
  • Smoking won’t pay the mortgage, car, rent or college tuition.
  • No matter how many cigarettes I smoke, the problems will still be there.
  • Hang on. The habit goes away or I do.
  • I’m not giving up pleasure I’m giving up poison.
  • The craving won’t kill me but the smoking will.
  • Hypnosis helps stop smoking by changing both your thoughts and behavior

Tracey Tullis is certified by the American Lung Association