Change Eating Habits Control Your Cravings

•Some people report decreased cravings and less drive to overeat when they change their diet in the following ways.  Research Study by Louisiana State University showed that adults aged 25 – 60 who ate 2 eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel for 2 months lost 65% more weight and had more energy throughout day. Merchants. Always…

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Chocolate Can Stop Food Cravings

Chocolate Can Lower Food Cravings

THE GOOD NEWS EATING CHOCOLATE CAN LOWER FOOD CRAVINGS! It may sound too good to be true, but it IS true, eating small amounts of chocolate can actually extinguish cravings and help lower your weight.

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss, the Mind-Body Solution

Hypnosis for Weight Loss, the Mind-Body Solution Your mind and body are in constant communication with one another and influence one another. In fact every thought you have causes neurochemical changes in your body. The part of the mind that controls all the functions of your body is the subconscious mind. Using hypnosis as the gateway…

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