Is There A Part Of You That Doesn’t Want To Lose Weight?

Is There A Part Of You That Doesn’t Want To Lose Weight?

Do you feel like on part of you wants to eat well but another part doesn’t? Hypnosis can help you end the conflict so you can lose the weight!

I always think that my clients will call me crazy when I tell them that we have at least two parts to our personalities, one that wants to lose weight, and one that doesn’t I always think they’ll call me crazy. But they don’t. Instead they smile and say, “ I know what you mean!”

There is a little voice inside us, a voice that is screaming to eat candy cookies or junk food. That voice can you tell us to eat everything on our plate even though we are already full. It’s as if there is someone inside us that is more scared then we are about giving up dieting. At one time I had that voice controlled my eating habits too.

Recognizing that we have different parts doesn’t mean we have multiple personalities, or that we’re crazy. It may mean that at sometime in our lives we had some subtle inner stress effecting our behaviors. And we unconsciously learned that eating made us feel better, temporarily.

So we began to use food or other behaviors to self soothe ourselves. We may not even be conscious of this type of inner stress but the result was that the unhealthy eater and the healthy eater were and still are at war over how much or what we should eat.

Often the unhealthy eater wins. This can be called a secondary gain, meaning there is a payoff for the unhealthy eating.

Hypnosis can reduce or eliminate that an internal stress and that internal struggle where you will begin to eat healthier. Call me today to discuss your particular weight loss struggle and see if I can be of service to you.

Tracey Tullis, Med., Certified Hypnotherapist