Hypnosis – NH Quit Smoking Today


Help For Smoking Withdrawals  

For many smokers cravings seem to be greatest in the morning and in mid-afternoon when blood sugar is low.  Increase your blood sugar levels with fruit juice for the first 2 weeks of quitting. This will reduce fatigue and irritability. 

Be Prepared to Quit Smoking

  • Have toothpicks, sugar free lollipops, bottles of water around
  • Have a pad with pencil to doodle on nearby to keep your hands busy
  • Avoid alcohol drinks for the next two weeks
  • Have some almonds and diluted juice for cravings
  • Brush teeth often
  • Change your routine, avoid times and places that trigger the urge to smoke for the first two weeks
  • Do things and go places where smoking is not allowed
  • Get up from the table after meals brush your teeth take a walk
  • While driving listen to a new radio station
  • If you smoked while drinking coffee change where you sit when drinking or switch to water juice or tea for first week
  • Stay away form alcohol for the first  two weeks when quitting

Or make it easy on yourself and call Choice For Hypnosis, located in Bedford, NH to be totally free of cigarettes and free from cravings! 603-472-5455

Tracey Tullis, MEd., Certified Hypnotherapist