Treating Fear’s and Phobia’s

As a hypnotherapist, treating fears and phobias are some of my most rewarding sessions. What are phobias?

Phobias are exaggerated involuntary fears of common places, objects, or situations. Phobias are expressed immediately when confronted with the feared situation and can be totally debilitating.

Sometimes the feeling of shame is involved because the person who is experiencing the fear feels they aren’t normal because they aren’t able to cope.

The fear a person experiences with a phobic response appears to be extremely irrational even though the feared outcome never happens. Some people think they know the cause of the fear but they are often wrong since more often than not the true cause is unconscious. And that is exactly why hypnosis can most often be of help. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind where the fear is stored.

I recently had a 44 year old women come to me for her fear of driving on the highway. She told me that the fear had gotten worse through the years and now even driving on the backroads was beginning to make her nervous.

After just one session my client was able to drive on the highway to get back to her home in fact, the very next day before she left work it began to rain heavily outside. It began to get dark and it was rush hour. She called me from work concerned that she wasn’t sure the hypnosis would still work. But she texted me as soon as she got home to say, she wasn’t at all scared and felt in total control the whole time!

I love helping people overcome their phobias and irrational fears and being able to live their life with confidence that their fear is totally gone.

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