Want To Know Why You Can’t You Stop Eating Certain Foods?


Many of the foods we eat have a significant effect on our mood, our appetite and our cravings. Unfortunately, today we are bombarding our body and mind with unhealthy amounts of processed foods, foods that are filled with salt, sugar and fat.


Research is showing these foods may actually become addictive for some individuals. The big food industry, much like the cigarette companies who use purposely use additives that make it easier for your body to absorb more nicotine making it addictive Food companies are loading foods with hidden sugars, fats, salt and additives, manipulating foods to be more addictive. Because of this many people have found it to be nearly impossible to stop eating them. This is because of the affect it has on on the brain. to your brain.


The brains’ communication with nerve cells is the basis behind everything you think, feel, and do. Neurons that respond to the pleasurable aspects of food are part of the opioid circuitry, they produce pleasure, much like narcotic drugs.

The most sensitive part of opioid circuitry, is the pleasure center of brain. This is concentrated in the  hypothalamus at the base of the brain where it regulates eating, sleeping, aggression, drinking, sexual desire. Highly palatable foods, activate the opioid circuitry in the brain. And for many of us, once this is stimulated it does not shut off. Now, you are not only conditioned to eat, you’re driven to eat! Like a person on drugs, you seek it out!



It’s not that you don’t have will power to stop your overeating it’s the fault of the food manufacturers that are purposely manipulating your brain pathways, exploiting your brain by making foods that are hyperpalatable, too hard to resist! And I haven’t even mentioned the health dangers that these ultra high processed foods pose, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and of course obesity. These are just some of the known risks associated with hyper-palatable foods.


The brains reward system can be triggered by foods that have high levels of fat, sugar salt and carbohydrates. These foods then stimulate your brain to make you eat more. “The concept of hyperpalatability is foundational to ultra-processed foods, which are usually engineered to have enjoyable qualities of sweetness, saltiness, or richness”. For many once stimulated, they don’t shut off. Now you are not only conditioned to eat thesefoods you are actually driven to eat them and you seek them out! For some these foods become addictive. “Hyperpalatable foods play a role in cravings and may interfere with the body’s ability to regulate appetite and satiety
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperpalatable_food#:~:text=Hyperpalatable food (HPF) combines high,reward system, encouraging excessive eating.

In Europe, many food additives are prohibited. But it’s a different story in the United States where over 60% of our foods contain coloring, preservatives and sweeteners. And that is not the worst of it. There are other far more dangerious chemicals that that the FDA hasn’t banned. Some of these food additives that cause a threat to our health. These substances are “brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate, propyl paraben, Red Dye No. 3, and titanium dioxide, each been linked to serious health problems, including higher risk of cancer, nervous system damage, hyperactivity, and other behavioral problems”. These chemicals are added to make foods look more inviting, taste better and stay fresher for a longer time.



Food companies are purposely loading foods in order to get you to keep eating them which mean you keep buying them. Their profits keep going up and so are the numbers on your scale not to mention the potential harm some of them may do you.Some people can eat whatever they want and maintain a perfect weight. But some of us are not that lucky, some of us crave sweets, fatty foods, hyperpalatable foods. You can lose weight and you can do it without having your stomach stapled or taking pills that will affect your nervous system, without replacing food with liquid drinks. These methods are just too risky and they are not healthy.


I will help you lose weight with a combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy. Learning new, eating habits is possible, especially with hypnosis, which can help prevent you from acting out on your old food urges. You can learn new behaviors and have new healthy food thoughts rather than turning to the old ones. CHOICE FOR HYPNOSIS will help you by changing the way you think and feel about  these foods, hypnosis makes it easier for you!

Each person is different. Each of us are tempted by different cues and different behaviors that’s why you need guidance and support.I am offering you a program designed to do just that. Choice For Hypnosis is weight loss program is designed to replace your old set of automatic eating behaviors for healthier ones. These new responses need to be entrenched and automatic and a part of your repertoire so you end up walking past tempting foods. Soon enough you’ll hear yourself say, “I no longer want or desire that food.” Don’t let the food companies have power over you, let me help you, let’s do it together!

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Tracey Tullis,M.Ed. Certified Hypnotherapist Bedford NH