What is the Cost To Quit Smoking?

I have been asked what the cost of hypnosis is for quitting smoking hundreds upon hundreds of times but, before I answer that question please read on so I can explain the total cost.

Tobacco Smoke Is Poison

  • Smoking is the “largest presentable cause of death in America”

Every year approximately 480,000 people will die and smoking related causes, this includes death  from second hand smoke

  • Breathing in secondhand smoke is between the third and fourth leading cause of preventable deaths.

Approximately, 2,000 deaths in Americans will die this year of lung cancer alone because of someone else’s habit.

  • Shortened life expectancy

Smokers lose several years of their potential lifespan. A two pack a day smoker loses eight years approximately, while even light smokers using only 1 to 9 cigarettes daily shorten their life expectancy by approximately four years.

  • Higher sick rate and longer lasting illness

Smokers get sick 22% more than non-smokers. The bodies resources that are trying to protect you from poisons in tobacco are not available to protect you or heal you from other conditions.

  • Smoking is the single major cause of  lung cancer

Cigarette smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths. Less than 10 percent survive 5 years after detection. and is responsible for most cases of the larynx, oral cavity, pharynx and esophagus. And cancer of the pancreas, bladder to name a few.


I often get call’s and emails from potential clients who would like to quit smoking but want to know how much it cost. It might be best if I asked them, “ How much will  it cost you if you don’t quit?”