Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

Food companies are notorious for adding fats, sugars, salt and chemicals to enhance the brain’s pleasure circuits which causes you to eat more-and gain weight. 

The reward system in our brain encourages us to seek out pleasurable things. Our prehistoric ancestors put more effort into finding hard to get energy rich foods like ( nuts, sweet fruits, honey and so on)

Pleasure of eating

  • Brain neurons that respond to the pleasurable aspects of food are part of the opioid circuitry. they produce pleasure, much like narcotic drugs
  • Reduce physical and emotional pain and stress.
  • Ever notice the more stressed you feel the more you want something sweet?

Sugar, Fat, Salt

Fat and sugar and salt are the three main culprits that stimulate your brain to make you eat more. While you think you’re just answering your hunger cues, in reality, your body is being over-stimulated to eat more than your body needs

Made to be too good

  • Highly palatable foods, foods fill with fat and sugar activate the brain. And for many once stimulated, doesn’t shut off.
  • Now not only are we conditioned, to eat but driven driven to eat unhealthy amounts of food. Stimuli is not only learned but now we  become motivated to seek it out. So the behavior becomes conditioned and driven. ( addictive for some)

Over Activation 

We keep on eating is because of this sustained stimulation due to overly processed foods and chemical additives!

Hyper eating-long standing habits

  • Overcoming the food attraction starts with conscious and subconscious control over your actions so new ones take over.
  • A sense of powerlessness is biggest obstacle to success

Based on readings from “The End of Overeating” D. David Kessler

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