Women, It’s Time To Get Honest About Overeating!

When you give so much that it leaves you empty, food can feel like it fills you up.

Do You Tend To…

Always put others needs first? Try to keep everyone happy? Be over responsible? Do more than your fair share? These are standards we would never impose on others. This type of thinking results in losing control over eating, over our health and over our lives.

If You Don’t Get Your Needs Met One Way You’ll Get them Another Way

When you give so much your mind and body feel drained and when you feel empty, food can feel like the only way to fill you up. Food can seem like the only thing you can give yourself. But what happens after you eat the food you don’t really need? You feel more pain and more disappointment in life.

Being Unkind To Yourself Will Drive You To Eat

It’s time to be honest when you say to yourself, ” I worked so hard I can treat myself to more dessert”. This self indulgence is really self deception. The truth is, you aren’t being good to yourself, to your body, to your soul. Working too long, too hard is hurting you, it has created a deficit and food fills it only temporarily. What you really need to do is rest a little.

Setting Boundaries Would Lower The Need To Overeat

Say “yes when you mean it and “ no” when that’s your answer, when you have too many things to do and “maybe” when you are unsure. Tell them you have a “full plate”. If you don’t you may end up going home and adding more to that plate then you need to. Call me and let me help you get back to feeling better about your foods, moods and control.