Your Mind Creates What You Eat

The mind and body are so well connected that the body often does not know whether something is real or imagined. So when your mind creates an image your central nervous system and whole body will process the image as if it were real. This is obvious when you are immersed in watching a good TV program or movie, sad movies make you cry, thrillers make your heart rate go up, and the cooking channel makes you drool. Your subconscious treats an experience as real, and your body responds as if it were real. This is what happens in hypnosis and why people lose weight easily with hypnosis.

Your subconscious speaks in images, feelings and metaphors. 

The subconscious mind is goal driven and responds to the literal meaning of the words you use everyday. If you are thinking of what you don’t want, your subconscious is creating an image of the very thing you want to avoid, and you will be unconsciously drawn toward it. The words you use for self-hypnosis weight loss must be positive.  “I will not eat desserts anymore” is a negative statement, rather say, not eat desserts and less sweets and feel healthier and more satisfied”. Start with what you want, not with what you don’t want.

Thought Triggers

Disconnect pleasure thoughts with the behaviors you no longer want to reinforce, reframe “That ice cream looks really good” to “that is nothing but fat and more fat on a plate.”

Challenge the voice in your head when it says such things as, “I’ve had such a hard day at work I deserve to eat that.” “There’s no way I can throw out that pasta.” “I’ll make up for it by eating less later.” 

“Everyone else it eating it.” “It’s free.” You need to have a conversation with that other voice in your head, and convince it that the extra food is not worth it. 

Remind yourself about the clothes you will be able to wear, how you will have more energy, how you’ll feel better, how eating healthier is being a good role model for your kids and so on… Remember,  THINK FIRST, before you act!

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